Board of Directors

The Print Club of New York currently has 13 Board Members. Each member is elected for a two-year term. The terms of one half of the Board expire annually. Elections of Board Members (new and re-elected Members) are held annually in June by the full membership of the Print Club. Vacancies are filled for the balance of the term by the Board. Officers are elected by the Board, following the annual election of Board Members.

Current Board members come from a range of backgrounds, including several professors, art historians, physicians, entrepreneurs, and finance professionals. These dedicated individuals chair the various committees that are an important component of the Club. They meet 5 to 6 times per year and as a group determine policy and uphold the bylaws of the Club.


Suzanne Lesser, President Morley Melden, Founding President
Caroline Samuels, Vice President Julian Hyman, President Emeritus
Harriet Stratis, Treasurer Leonard Moss, President Emeritus
Natalia Kolodzei, Corresponding Secretary Mona Rubin, President Emeritus
Newton Paul, Recording Secretary Kimberly Henrikson, President Emeritus

Board Members

Paul Affuso Natalia Kolodzei Caroline Samuels
Kay Deaux Suzanne Lesser Harriet Stratis
Stephanie Feingold Newton Paul Allison Tolman
Gillian Greenhill Hannum Mona Rubin Bonnie Yousuf
Kimberly Henrikson

Committee Chairpersons

Publications Committee, Chair: Gillian Greenhill Hannum
Events Committee: Natalia Kolodzei
Print Selection Committee, Co-Chairs: Kay Deaux and Mona Rubin
Membership Chair: Kimberly Henrikson