Neuberger Museum of Art

Neuberger Museum of Art, New YorkNeuberger Museum of Art is located in Purchase, New York, US. It is affiliated with Purchase College, part of the State University of New York system. It is the nation’s tenth largest university museum.
Initiated in 1974 with Roy R. Neuberger’s donation of 108 works of art, the permanent collection of the Neuberger Museum of Art has grown to over 6000 works of uncompromised quality and variety. Featuring prestigious examples of modern, contemporary and African art, holdings include the Roy R. Neuberger Collection of American Art, the Aimee W. Hirshberg and Lawrence Gussman Collections of African Art, the Hans Richter bequest of Dada and Surrealist objects, the George and Edith Rickey Collection of Constructivist art, and American, Mexican and European master works from the collection of the late Dina and Alexander Racolin.

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