2009 Craig McPherson

2009 Craig McPherson
I have been waiting for years to make this print.” – says Craig McPherson, “ The image and related research grew out of a commission by the MBIA company which re-insures large public projects of this sort. Going down a 750 foot shaft into a miles long tunnel was a memorable experience.

McPherson is known for his murals, paintings and mezzotints. Many reflect his 30-year tenure in New York City – most notably a series of works exhibited in 1983, which included a view of Yankee Stadium at night. His 11 feet high by 318 feet long mural of the harbor cities of the world located in the world financial center adjacent to Ground Zero created between 1987 and 1992 remained unscathed by the attacks. McPherson had his first retrospective at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England in 1998. The show then traveled to The Hunterian Museum in Glasgow, Scotland.

McPherson’s work is included in numerous major museums in the United States and abroad. Steel: Pittsburgh Drawings by Craig McPherson, at the Frick Art Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the artist’s latest exhibition of more than 30 works (May, 2008). Mary Thomas writes in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette: “McPherson’s range of tone – articulating snow and steam, shadow and smoke with equal dexterity and definition – comes from a mastery of technique, a respect for craftsmanship, and, mostly, an act of will. They are, upon examination, unbelievably exquisite.”

~ Mona Rubin ~

Museum Collections

Block Museum of Art Northwestern University, Illinois
Delaware Art Museum, Delaware
Montclair Art Museum, New Jersey
Palmer Museum of Art, The Pennsylvania State University
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts