2022 Didier William

ARTIST: Didier William
TITLE AND EDITION: Vol, edition size 200 plus 1 Archive Print, 5 Artist Proofs, and 2 Printers Proofs
DATE: 2022
MEDIUM: Letterpress printed relief from wood carving and polymer plate
PAPER: 100 lb French Paper

2021 Kiki Smith


ARTIST: Kiki Smith
TITLE AND EDITION: Red Breast, EV 200 plus 1 Archive Print, edition is variable with subtle changes in the position of the stamps and the color between each editioned print
DATE: 2021
MEDIUM: watercolor using rubber … Read more

2020 Victoria Burge

ARTIST:  Victoria Burge
TITLE AND EDITION:  Night Architecture, edition size 200 plus 1 Archive Print, 16 Artist Proofs, and 4 Printers Proofs
Produced: 2020
MEDIUM: 3-color silkscreen using acrylic polymer and Ultraviolet light cured ink
PAPER: Coventry Rag, 100% … Read more

2019 Swoon

ARTIST:  Swoon
TITLE AND EDITION:  Caitlin, edition size 200 plus 1 Archival Image (A.I.), 1 Cancellation Proof, 30 APs and 7 PPs
Produced: 2019
MEDIUM: 5-color photopolymer letterpress relief print
PAPER: Hand-torn kozo paper, hinge mounted at the top … Read more


2018 Amze Emmons

Amze Emmons: Levity
Produced: 2018
10 color screen print (printed front and back) with laser cut elements on Coventry rag paper
Print dimensions: 15 x 20 inches, full bleed
Emmons was assisted in the proofing process by David Love with
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2017 Sarah Brayer

Sarah Brayer: Crescent Glow
Produced 2017
Silkscreen and chine-collé on unryu mulberry paper with phosphorescent pigment 
print size: 21 x 26 inches
Printed by Ken Asekura at the Kataezome print studio, Kyoto, Japan
Crescent Glow was printed from 8 silk
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2016 Judy Pfaff


Produced 2016
Master Printer: Jason Ruhl, Tandem Press

Judy Pfaff’s Yukata A AND Yukata B are the 2016 Presentation Print commissioned by the Print Club of New York to its members.

 … Read more

2015 Donald Teskey

Donald Teskey “Untitled”

Produced 2015
Master Printer: Kelvin Mann


Donald Teskey’s ­­­­­­­­­­Untitled is the 2015 Presentation Print commissioned by the Print Club of New York to its members. This is a carborundum and intaglio print using 4 plates. It was … Read more

2014 Faith Ringgold

2014 Faith Ringgold

Faith Ringgold “Here Come Moses”

Faith Ringgold “Here Come Moses”

Produced August 2014
Master Printers: Curlee Raven Holton & Jase Clark
“Here Come Moses. Aunt Emmy said he’d find us one day. That boy came North to Freedom in a storm. He lost his mother … Read more