2017 Sarah Brayer

Sarah Brayer: Crescent Glow
Produced 2017
Silkscreen and chine-collé on unryu mulberry paper with phosphorescent pigment 
print size: 21 x 26 inches
Printed by Ken Asekura at the Kataezome print studio, Kyoto, Japan
Crescent Glow was printed from 8 silk screens at the Kataezome print studio in Kyoto, Japan. Each crescent moon was handmade by the artist in her studio in Kyoto from a mixture of mitsumata paper with phosphorescent pigment. Each moon was individually poured from phosphorescent paper fiber onto a screen and dried. Using a pattern piece, each moon was torn to a crescent shape, then adhered to the silkscreen-printed surface of the paper using wheat paste and a brush. The edition was dried on the slanted racks in the print studio and then signed.