2012 Will Barnet

Will Barnet “Gramercy Park”
“Gramercy Park” is a 5-color photo-lithograph from hand drawn mylars. It was printed at the Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions, Rutgers University. Master Printer, Randy Hemminghaus, was the collaborative printer and both he and Kristen Cavagnet were the edition printers.

The paper is Hanamuhle Copperplate Bright White. The paper size is 18.5” x 15 7/8” and the image size is 12.5” x 10 1/8”. The edition size is 200 impressions for Print Club of New York members plus 1 archival print and a limited number of artist and printer proofs.

This is an autobiographical image of Will and his granddaughter in the park together near his home. Will explained that he and his 5-year-old granddaughter, Ellie, were enjoying a stroll through Gramercy Park when she jumped onto the bench and started to dance. The scene was originally captured as a drawing and later became a painting. It is clearly a significant memory for Will since he returned to this image to create this print for the Print Club. A last minute color change from blues and greens to orange and grey was explained eloquently by Will when he presented the image to our members. He moved away from a more decorative palette to one that is a more haunting and dramatic personal statement; the child becomes the focal point of the image in her brightly colored dress.

Museum Collections

Hudson County Community College Foundation, New Jersey
Palmer Museum of Art, The Pennsylvania State University
Portland Museum of Art, Oregon
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts