2021 Kiki Smith


ARTIST: Kiki Smith
TITLE AND EDITION: Red Breast, EV 200 plus 1 Archive Print, edition is variable with subtle changes in the position of the stamps and the color between each editioned print
DATE: 2021
MEDIUM: watercolor using rubber … Read more

2020 Victoria Burge

ARTIST:  Victoria Burge
TITLE AND EDITION:  Night Architecture, edition size 200 plus 1 Archive Print, 16 Artist Proofs, and 4 Printers Proofs
Produced: 2020
MEDIUM: 3-color silkscreen using acrylic polymer and Ultraviolet light cured ink
PAPER: Coventry Rag, 100% … Read more

2019 Swoon

ARTIST:  Swoon
TITLE AND EDITION:  Caitlin, edition size 200 plus 1 Archival Image (A.I.), 1 Cancellation Proof, 30 APs and 7 PPs
Produced: 2019
MEDIUM: 5-color photopolymer letterpress relief print
PAPER: Hand-torn kozo paper, hinge mounted at the top … Read more


2018 Amze Emmons

Amze Emmons: Levity
Produced: 2018
10 color screen print (printed front and back) with laser cut elements on Coventry rag paper
Print dimensions: 15 x 20 inches, full bleed
Emmons was assisted in the proofing process by David Love with
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2017 Sarah Brayer

Sarah Brayer: Crescent Glow
Produced 2017
Silkscreen and chine-collé on unryu mulberry paper with phosphorescent pigment 
print size: 21 x 26 inches
Printed by Ken Asekura at the Kataezome print studio, Kyoto, Japan
Crescent Glow was printed from 8 silk
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2016 Judy Pfaff


Produced 2016
Master Printer: Jason Ruhl, Tandem Press

Judy Pfaff’s Yukata A AND Yukata B are the 2016 Presentation Print commissioned by the Print Club of New York to its members.

 … Read more

2015 Donald Teskey

Donald Teskey “Untitled”

Produced 2015
Master Printer: Kelvin Mann


Donald Teskey’s ­­­­­­­­­­Untitled is the 2015 Presentation Print commissioned by the Print Club of New York to its members. This is a carborundum and intaglio print using 4 plates. It was … Read more

2014 Faith Ringgold

2014 Faith Ringgold

Faith Ringgold “Here Come Moses”

Faith Ringgold “Here Come Moses”

Produced August 2014
Master Printers: Curlee Raven Holton & Jase Clark
“Here Come Moses. Aunt Emmy said he’d find us one day. That boy came North to Freedom in a storm. He lost his mother … Read more

2013 Audrey Flack

Audrey Flack

Audrey Flack’s “Une Bouchée d’Amour” is a digitized drawing with layered silkscreened elements. It was printed at the Experimental Printmaking Institute at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania by master printer Jase Clark. The paper is Canson Infinity Etching Rag Paper … Read more